2018 Preseason News
  Hey coaches: As we slide toward the opening...
Game RSVPs
  Hey, Coaches! Did you know you can request...
2018 Preseason News
by Angela Bourassa posted 2/19/2018

Hey coaches:

As we slide toward the opening of 2018 season, we've got preseason news!


Rosters have been assigned and you should be able to access them through the web and mobile app*. Public roster view is on, but only first name, last initial, grade, etc. should be included for players. For players/parents, full roster information is available with a private roster password, which you should share with your team.

8UBoys: pears

8UGirls: grapes

10UBoys: juniper

10UGirls: gingko

12UBoys: emerald

12UGirls: peridot

14UBoys: shamrock

14UGirls: thistle


I've expanded permissions for coaches this year, to include adding/editing games and practices, as well as adding other events. If you have a scrimmage or something else, you should be able to add that to your team schedule. If you want to add an assistant/co-coach or team manager (team mom) please just let me know and I can assign them, as well.

*Mobile app is SIPlay. LeagueAthletics app has not been updated in 2 years and while it allowed me to log in and pick my association this morning, it would not allow me to view or pick teams. Everyone should update their mobile device to get updates and messaging.

Dowloads for  iThings or  Android here. I'll also send out a parent email. 

Let me know if you run into any issues!


Game RSVPs

Schedule Screen
Hey, Coaches!

Did you know you can request player RSVPs through your team page? You can!
  1. Go to your team page at cla.uslaxteams.com (mouse over Team, click Choose a Team, then click your team). 
  2. Mouse over Team again and click Schedule
  3. On the Schedule page, click the little tumbs-up icon next to the game you're interested in. (See image)
  4. Click on the envelope icon on the orange (no RSVP) list to send a request via email to all players. The email will contain a link to follow to RSVP to the game.
Easy! And if you have the app, you can see who is expected on game day so you don't have to keep track of all your players' schedules in your head.